Sprinkler Blow Outs

S&S Sprinklers and Vinyl Fencing and Vinyl Fencing

Fall Sprinkler System Blow Outs

S&S Sprinklers and Vinyl Fencing specializes in fall maintenance for your sprinkler system in Ogden, Utah and the surrounding areas.

Sprinkler and Irrigation System Upgrades in Ogden Utah.

Sprinkler Blowouts

This is the most important maintenance you can do for your sprinkler system going into the cooler fall months.  If your irrigation pipes freeze with water inside they will burst the pipes which can lead to an expensive repair in the spring.


Sprinkler Repairs

We offer a variety of sprinkler repair services if you are having a problem with your system.  We can repair broken sprinkler heads, replace broken piping, reprogram your system, and more.  We inspect your system during our blow-out service.

Our Blow Out Services

We are a full service lawn irrigation and sprinkler company.  In addition to your fall blow-out for maintenance, we can offer a variety of other services as well.  Our services include; full irrigation system installations, sprinkler system upgrades, sprinkler system repairs, and more.  If it has to do with your lawn and garden sprinklers, we can do it! 

S&S Sprinklers and Vinyl Fencing and Vinyl Fencing

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