Property Grading Ogden Utah

Property Grading and Leveling Ogden Utah
This property has been properly graded and leveled for the installation of new sod.

Lot and Property Grading Services in Ogden, Utah
We specialize in grading properties for proper drainage.

Properly grading and leveling your property is an important step when looking to install a new lawn area on your property.  Grading your property helps with drainage and can keep your property from turning into a swamp during spring thaw or during those heavy periods of rain.  Properly grading your property will also give it a nice level and uniform appearance too which is perfect if you plan on rolling out new sod.

Why Do You Need Your Property Graded?

  • Are you installing a new lawn or garden area?
  • Do you have water pooling up around your home when it rains?
  • Are your gardens or lawn areas getting muddy?
  • Does your property have lots of lumps and bumps you want to smooth out?

S&S Sprinklers and Vinyl Fencing is a full service sprinkler installation company serving Ogden, Utah and the surrounding area.  We specialize in property grading and leveling services.  Whether you’re clearing a site to build a new backyard patio, or you want to clear out the brush on your property and reclaim lost land, or you’re getting ready to install a new lawn we can help prep and grade your site for proper drainage and a nice uniform and level appearance.

Lot and Property Grading Services Ogden UT

  • New lawn area grading
  • Grading for hardscape installations
  • Leveling after irrigation installations

What To Know About Grading Your Property

#1.  Grading For Proper Drainage

The primary reason for grading your property isn’t just to make everything level and uniform.  The real purpose for grading is to provide proper drainage by sloping the grade away from your home or other out-buildings and landscape elements.  This is called “positive” grading and it works to direct water away from your structure.  If the grade is sloping towards your home this would be considered a “negative” grade and would lead to water pooling up around your structure which is not a good thing.

#2.  Soil Conditions

The condition of your soil can make an impact on how your property is graded.  Usually the layer of topsoil will need to come off to expose the soil underneath.  This is where we use a machine to actually level and “shape” your property with the desired slope.  If you have very hard clay-based soil (hardpan condition) then this will need to be addressed.

#3.  Matching Existing Fixtures With The Final Grade

This is where it takes a little finesse and a lot of experience with property grading!  You want to make sure your final grade matches your existing landscape fixtures.   You don’t want to step off your back patio and drop down a foot onto your lawn.  Ideally your property is graded so the final grade can match up with your existing fixtures but at the same time allowing for the proper slope to prevent water from pooling up and directing into a drainage ditch, swale, or other drainage system.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with us to discuss grading and leveling your property we’d be happy to meet with you.  Please call (801) 477-8444 or fill out our online form and we’ll get right back to you.